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Battlements takes place in a fantasy world rife with swords, sorcery, and shenanigans. Sword-and-board! Wizards-and-warriors! Bears-and-battle maces! Follow Hector, Shane, Rail, and Gene as they try to make a name for themselves as adventurers while trying to pay the rent. A fun and humorous take on fantasy, Battlements follows the exploits of a growing cast of characters as they get into trouble living their daily lives in a world filled with hungry orks, haughty elves, and mad wizards. Anachronism is heavy throughout Battlements so don’t be surprised when you find barbarians watching magically powered television enjoying their elvish soap-operas.


You can find it here: Battlements

Written by Jake Rieman & Victor Carlstrom

Art By Jake Rieman

Colors By Victor Carlstrom

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