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Jake does commissions!


Need a portrait as a gift for a family member? Need art for a new game you are developing? Do you want your Dungeons and Dragons characters immortalized in print?  Jake Rieman can fulfill your artistic needs no matter the request!

Requesting art can feel overwhelming. How much do I offer? How much detail do I want? How big do I want it? How do I effectively get my idea across? My goal is to make that as easy as possible so that you get the final piece you want. I will work with you along the whole process so we are both on the same page throughout the project. Below is how the flow of work will progress.

  • An estimate is given ahead of time based on the level and detail of the artwork requested and is held to as the price agreed upon.

  • An initial sketch will be submitted per the customer's approval. Any major changes should be requested at this time.

  • After completion of the artwork a final approval will be submitted for minor changes.


Any questions or concerns please feel free to ask. I am pretty easy to talk to and am willing to work with you to get you what you want within budget.

To request a commission go to the contact page and send me a request. I look forward to hearing from you!

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